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floyd mayweather net worth

In boxing entertainment , Floyd Mayweather is one of the known famous and successful boxers in the sport. He was  undefeated 50-0 record  , he ha a great boxing skills. Here’s a look into Floyd Mayweather net worth and life career .

floyd mayweather
floyd mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is a world-renowned American boxing champion and promoter. Floyd’s total career earnings,as 2020 stands at $1.1 billion.
In 2020 alone Floyd Mayweather’s has added $505 million to his net worth.


Floyd is 5th highest-paid athlete of all time and one of just six athletes whose career earnings have topped $1 billion. The other five are Michael Schumacher ($1 billion), Jack Nicklaus ($1.15 billion), Arnold Palmer ($1.35 billion), Tiger Woods ($1.65 billion) and Michael Jordan ($1.9 billion). What’s perhaps most-impressive about Floyd’s earning stats is that he managed to become the fifth highest-paid athlete ever with relatively scant endorsement earnings. By comparison, most of the highest-paid athletes in history earned the vast majority of their income through endorsement deals. Floyd earned more than a half billion dollars from just two fights. He earned $250 million in 2015 after fighting Manny Pacquiao. He earned $300 million fighting Conor McGregor in 2017. In an infamous incident with an ESPN reporter in 2013 just before his fight against Saul Alvarez, Floyd showed off his checking account balance. Floyd proudly displayed that his checking account balance was $123 million, This was also contributed to Floyd Mayweather net worth.

During his peak boxing years Floyd was consistently  the highest paid athlete in the world. Despite having very few endorsement deals, Floyd can easily earn $150 – $300 million a year when he is fighting. Between June 2014 and June 2015, Floyd earned a mind-boggling $300 million. Between June 2017 and June 2018, Floyd earned a total of $300 million, mostly thanks to his fight against Conor McGregor that occurred in August 2017. Outside of the ring, Floyd typically earns $10 million from endorsements per year which contributed  Floyd Mayweather net worth.

On March 13, 2009 Mayweather was scheduled to face the fiercest opponent of his career Manny Pacquiao. The bout was probably the most anticipated fight in a decade. At the time, pay per view revenues were expected to exceed $180 million. Of that $180 million, Floyd was to be guaranteed $25 million up front plus an additional $20-25 million on the backend. Unfortunately Mayweather and Pacquiao could not reach an agreement and the fight fizzled for many years. Floyd went on to defeat “Sugar” Shane Mosley on April 1st 2010, and Victor Ortiz in 2011. On May 5th, 2012, Mayweather defeated Miguel Cotto.

floyd mayweather
floyd mayweather

On May 4th, 2013, Floyd earned estimated $50 million ($32 million guaranteed) for beating Robert Guerrero. On September 14, 2013, Floyd earned $75 million ($41.5 million was guaranteed) when he faught Saul Alvarez. That set a record for the highest purse in boxing history. A record which will easily be beaten when Floyd finally faces off against Manny Pacquio on May 2nd, 2015. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao finally took place on May 2nd 2015 in Las Vegas. It is expected to be the highest revenue-generating fight in boxing history. Floyd and Manny agreed to split all profits 60-40. Floyd earned $250 million off the fight. Pacquiao earned $150 million.

On August 26, 2017, Floyd Mayweather fought Conor McGregor in what was the highest-grossing Pay Per View boxing event in history. The event generated at least 5 million PPV purchases. When it was all said and done, the fight generated around $700 million in total revenue across all sources and left Mayweather with a paycheck of $300 million before taxes. As a Nevada resident, he did not pay any state income taxes on those earnings. He did pay around 40% of his earnings to the IRS. Actually he paid 40% of his earnings plus $22 million in back taxes that he owed related to his 2015 income. When it’s all said and done, his after tax take was $160 million. When added to his previous net worth, Floyd ended the McGregor fight with a net worth of $560 million.


In his Instagram @floydmayweather he Wrote;- First I want to congratulate every other athlete on this list and second I am honored to have accomplished such record breaking numbers. No disrespect to anyone but I did these numbers really in 5 years due to a couple of layoffs and with NO endorsements. I never wanted an endorsement deal from anyone because my vision was always to be my own boss and have no obligations to anyone. So I started my own promotion company and own brand (TMT) in which we are continuing to grow and soon will be the endorsers. You can say what you want about Floyd Mayweather but the numbers and accolades don’t lie. This is truly about hard work and dedication and knowing your worth.@mayweatherpromotions

He went ahead to say; I laugh at people when I hear them talk about having “The Bag”. If they got a bag, then what the fuck do I got? And I’m still not done punching.

In conclusion

floyd mayweather
floyd mayweather

Floyd Mayweather’s net worth is  $1.1 billion during his career. He earned $250 million in May 2015 fighting Manny Pacquiao. Floyd earned $300 million in August 2017 fighting Conor McGregor.

There’s no point in being that wealthy if you don’t spend your money on something, and that’s exactly what Mayweather does. Like many celebrities, he has a big garage full of expensive luxury cars. Mayweather is also a big fan of high-end watches.

Mayweather is also an avid gambler. He once bet over $1 million on a college football game. This gambling habit isn’t just about sports either; he just likes to gamble in general.

Of course, like many people, Mayweather loves to travel and he spends a lot of money on his living situation. The fighter has several multi-million dollar homes.

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