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lady gaga songs

Lady gaga  songs has been one of the greatest of all time… American singer and songwriter Lady Gaga has recorded material for five studio albums and three extended plays , and has been featured on songs on other artists’ respective albums. After being dropped from a contract with Def Jam Recordings, Gaga worked as a songwriter for Sony/ATV Music Publishing, where Akon helped her sign a joint deal with Interscope Records and his own label KonLive Distribution. Lets look into the details of lady gaga songs and Albums ..


Lady gaga
Lady gaga


       Songs                     Albums

3-Way (The Golden Rule)—– The Wack Album 2011

A-Yo”—– ———————–  Joanne 2016

Again Again ——————–   The fame  2008

“Alejandro”———————- The Fame Monster 2009

“Alice”—————————-Chromatica 2020

Always Remember Us This Way”——A Star Is Born 2018

“Americano”———————- Born This Way 2011

“Angel Down”——————– Joanne 2016

“Angel Down” work tap ———–Joanne 2016

“Anything Goes” ——————Cheek to Cheek 2014

“Applause” ————————-Artpop 2013

“Artpop”—————————- Artpop 2013

Aura” ——————————-Artpop 2013

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside ———NON     2015

“Babylon————————– Chromatica 2020

Bad Kids” ————————–Born This Way 2011

“Bad Romance” ——————-The Fame Monster 2009

“Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) ————Cheek to Cheek 2014

“Beautiful, Dirty, Rich”——————– The fame 2008

“Before I Cry” ——————————-A Star Is Born 2018

“Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” ———-Cheek to Cheek 2014

“Big Girl Now” —————————The Block 2008

“Bitch, ———————————–Don’t Kill My Vibe” None 2012

“Black Jesus + Amen Fashion”————– Born This Way 2011

“Bloody Mary”——————————— Born This Way 2011

“Born This Way”——————————— Born This Way 2011

“Born This Way”—————————— Born This Way 2011

“Boys Boys Boys”—————————- The Fame 2008

“Brown Eyes” ———————————The Fame 2008

“But Beautiful”———————————- Cheek to Cheek 2014

“Carolina”————————- Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real 2017

“Cheek to Cheek” —————————–Cheek to Cheek 2014

“Chillin’ ——————————————-Attention Deficit 2009

“Christmas Tree” ——————————————2008

“Chromatica I” ————————————Chromatica 2020

“Chromatica II” —————————————–Chromatica 2020

“Chromatica III” —————————————Chromatica 2020

“Come to Mama” ——————————————–Joanne 2016

“The Cure ——————————————————-2017

“Dance in the Dark” ———————————-The Fame Monster 2009

“Dancin’ in Circles”————————————— Joanne 2016

“Diamond Heart” ———————————————–Joanne 2016

“Diggin’ My Grave”———————————- A Star Is Born 2018

“Disco Heaven” ———————————————The Fame 2008

“Do What U Want”——————————————— Artpop 2013

“Donatella” —————————————————Artpop 2013

“Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”————————— Showboa 2018

“Dope” ——————————————————–Artpop 2013

“The Edge of Glory”———————————– Born This Way 2011

“The Edge of Glory” ———————————-A Very Gaga Holiday 2011

“Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) ——————The Fame 2008

“Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)”————- The Cherrytree Sessions 2009

“Electric Chapel——————————— Born This Way 2011

“Enigma”———————————————– Chromatica 2020

“Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye” —————————-Cheek to Cheek 2014

“The Fame” ——————————-The Fame 2008

“Fashion” ————————————Confessions of a Shopaholic 2009

“Fashion!” ——————————————————–Artpop 2013

“Fashion of His Love”———————————– Born This Way 2011

“Fever” —————————————-None 2006

“Find Yourself”——————— Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real 2017

“Firefly”—————————————– Cheek to Cheek 2014

“Fountain of Truth”———————- (bonus CD audio book) 2006

“Free Woman” ————————–JohanneChromatica 2020

“Fun Tonight”———————————– Chromatica 2020

“Goody Goody”—————————– Cheek to Cheek 2014

“Government Hooker” —————————–Born This Way 2011

“Grigio Girls” ————————————–Joanne 2016

“G.U. —————————————————Artpop 2013

“Gypsy” ———————————————-Artpop 2013

“Hair” —————————————-Born This Way 2011

“Hair Body Face ——————————–A Star Is Born 2018

“Heal Me” ————————————-A Star Is Born 2018

“Heavy Metal Lover”——————————— Born This Way 2011

“Hello, Hello”——————————— Gnomeo & Juliet 2011

“Hey Girl”—————————————– Joanne 2016

“Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) ————-Born This Way 2011

“Hollywood”——————————————- 2006

“I Don’t Know What Love Is” ——————–A Star Is Born 2018

“I Like It Rough”————————————– The Fame 2008

“I Can’t Give You Anything But Love —————–Cheek to Cheek 2014

“I Wanna Be With You” ————————————-Artpop 2013

“I Want Your Love”——————————– It’s About Time 2018

“I Won’t Dance”————————————- Cheek to Cheek 2014

“I’ll Never Love Again” ——————————-A Star Is Born 2018

“I’ll Never Love Again”——————————– A Star Is Born 2018

“It Don’t Mean a Thing —————————–Cheek to Cheek 2014

“Is That Alright?————————————– A Star Is Born 2018

“Jewels N’ Drugs”——————————————- Artpop 2013

“Joanne” ——————————————————Joanne 2016

“John Wayne” ———————————————-Joanne 2016

“Judas” —————————————————Born This Way 2011

“Just Another Day” —————————————-Joanne 2016

“Just Dance”——————————————— The Fame 2008

“Just Dance”——————————- The Cherrytree Sessions 2009

“La Vie en rose”—————- Tony Bennett Celebrates 90 2016

“La Vie en rose” ———————————-A Star Is Born 2018

“The Lady Is a Tramp” ————————————-Duets II 2011

“The Lady Is a Tramp”——————– Tony Bennett Celebrates 90 2016

“Let’s Face the Music and Dance” ———————-Cheek to Cheek 2014

“Look What I Foundation ——————————A Star Is Born 2018

“Love Me Right” ———————————————-Chromatica 2020

“LoveGame” —————————————————–The Fame 2008

“Lush Life” ——————————————Cheek to Cheek 2014

“Manicure” ——————————————————–Artpop 2013

“Marry the Night”——————————– Born This Way 2011

“Mary Jane Holland”——————————————— Artpop 2013

“Million Reasons” ———————————————Joanne 2016

“Million Reasons” (work tape) ——————————Joanne 2016

“Money Honey” ————————————————The Fame 2008

“Monster” ——————————————-The Fame Monster 2009

“Music to My Eyes”—————————————— A Star Is Born 2018

“Nature Boy”———————————– Cheek to Cheek 2014

“No Floods”——————————————— Red and Blue 2006

“Orange Colored Sky” ——————————A Very Gaga Holiday 2011

“Paparazzi”————————————————- The Fame 2008

“Paper Gangsta”——————————————— The Fame 2008

“Perfect Illusion” ——————————————–Joanne 2016

“Plastic Doll”———————————————- Chromatica 2020

“Poker Face” ———————————————The Fame 2008

“Poker Face”——————- Piano Version The Cherrytree Sessions 2009

“Rain on Me”—————————– Chromatica 2020

“Red and Blue” ———————————————-Red and Blue 2006

“Replay”—————————————– Chromatica 2020

“Retro Dance Freak”———————————– The Fame 2008

“The Queen ——————————————-Born This Way 2011

“Scheiße” ———————————————–Born This Way 2011

“Sexxx Dream——————————————- Artpop 2013

“Shallow”—————————————— A Star Is Born 2018

“Sine from Above”——————————– Chromatica 2020

“Sinner’s Prayer” ————————————Joanne 2016

“So Happy I Could Die”————————– The Fame Monster 2009

“Something Crazy” ———————————Red and Blue 2006

“Sour Candy” ——————————————Chromatica 2020

“Speechless” ————————————-The Fame Monster 2009

“Stache”———————————————— 2012

“Starstruck” —————————————–The Fame 2008

“Stuck on Fuckin’ You”———————————- 2011

“Stupid Love” —————————————–Chromatica 2020

“Summerboy” ————————————-The Fame 2008

“Swine” —————————————————–Artpop 2013

“Teeth” —————————————–The Fame Monster 2009

“Telephone” ———————————The Fame Monster 2009

“They All Laughed” ——————————–Cheek to Cheek 2014

“Til It Happens to You”—————– The Hunting Ground 2015

“Vanity” —————————————————–2008

“Venus” —————————————————-Artpop 2013

“Video Phone” ——————————–Sasha Fierce 2009

“We’re Doing a Sequel” ————————-Muppets Most Wanted 2014

“White Christmas” ———————————A Very Gaga Holiday 2011

“Why Did You Do That?” ——————————-A Star Is Born 2018

“Winter Wonderland” ————————————-2014
“Wish You Were Here” —————————-Red and Blue 2006

“Words” —————————— Red and Blue 2006

“World Family Tree” ——————–(bonus CD audio book) 2006

“You and I”———————————– Born This Way 2011

“You and I” ———————————–A Very Gaga Holiday 2011

“Your Song” ——-Reimagining the Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin 2018

lady gaga
lady gaga

As at this written , lady gaga is yet to make a new song.. I believe by now you have read all the lady gaga songs and Albums ..


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