Manny pacquiao
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Manny pacquiao fight

In the world of boxing entertainment Manny pacquiao fight has remained one of the great fighting record of all time and we present all his fights as follows;..

Manny pacquiao
Manny pacquiao

Pacquiao vs. Sasakul

Manny pacquiao fight;  Pacquiao captured the WBC and lineal flyweight titles (his first major boxing world title) over Chatchai Sasakul by way of knockout in the eighth round. He defended the titles successfully against Mexican Gabriel Mira via a fourth-round technical knockout. However, Pacquiao lost the lineal title in his second defense against Medgoen Singsurat, also known as Medgoen 3K Battery, via third-round knockout. The bout was held in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand. Singsurat got Pacquiao on the ropes and landed a flush straight right to the body, coiling Pacquiao over and keeping him there. Prior to the fight, Pacquiao lost the WBC title at the scales as he surpassed the weight limit of 112 pounds.

Pacquiao vs. Ledwaba

Manny pacquiao fight;  Pacquiao’s big break came on June 23, 2001, against IBF super bantamweight title holder Lehlohonolo Ledwaba. Pacquiao stepped into the fight as a late replacement on two weeks’ notice but won the fight by technical knockout to win the title, his second major boxing world title. The bout was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pacquiao went on to defend this title four times under head trainer Freddie Roach, owner of the Wild Card Gym in West Hollywood.

Pacquiao vs. Sanchez

Manny pacquiao fight;  Pacquiao faced Agapito Sánchez in a unification match on November 10, 2001 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California as the main supporting bout of Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Jesús Chávez. This marks both Mayweather and Pacquiao first appearance together in the same fight card. The bout ended in the sixth round under the recommendation of the ringside physician to stop the fight as Pacquiao is unfit to continue due to the cuts inflicted by Sanchez’s repeated headbutts. The bout was ruled a split draw.

Pacquiao vs. Julio

Manny pacquiao fight;  Pacquiao knocked out Jorge Eliecer Julio in the second round on June 8, 2002 at The Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee as the main supporting bout of Lennox Lewis vs. Mike Tyson fight. This marks Pacquiao’s first appearance in a joint HBO and Showtime fight card.

Pacquiao vs. Barrera I

Manny pacquiao fight;   Pacquiao (right) with his trainer Freddie Roach in 2004 On November 15, 2003, Pacquiao faced Marco Antonio Barrera at the Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas, in a fight that many consider to have defined his career. In spite of Barrera being given credit for knocking Pacquiao down in the first round (as replays showed the punch missed), Pacquiao, who was fighting at featherweight for the first time, brought his power with him and defeated Barrera via technical knockout in the eleventh round. This was the only loss in Barrera’s professional career to have come officially via stoppage inside the distance. With the victory, Pacquiao won The Ring and lineal featherweight championships making him the first Filipino and Asian to become a three-division world champion, a fighter who won world titles in three different weight divisions. He defended the title twice before relinquishing it in 2005

Pacquiao vs. Márquez I

Manny pacquiao fight;  Six months after the fight with Barrera, Pacquiao challenged Juan Manuel Márquez, who at the time held both the WBA and IBF featherweight titles. The fight took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, on May 8, 2004.In the first round, Márquez was caught cold, as he was knocked down three times by Pacquiao. However, Márquez showed great heart to recover from the early knockdowns and went on to win the majority of rounds thereafter. This was largely due to Márquez’s counterpunch style, which he managed to effectively utilize against the aggressive style of Pacquiao. At the end of a very close fight, both boxers felt they had done enough to win the fight. The bout was scored a draw, which proved to be a controversial decision. The final scores were 115–110 for Márquez, 115–110 for Pacquiao, and 113–113.The judge who scored the bout 113–113 admitted to making an error on the scorecards, having scored the first round as 10–7 in favor of Pacquiao instead of the standard 10–6 for a three-knockdown round.

Pacquiao vs. Morales

Manny pacquiao fight; Pacquiao leaving the ring while giving the V sign to the crowd on the night of the first fight against Morales On March 19, 2005, Pacquiao moved up to the super featherweight (or junior lightweight) division of 130 pounds in order to fight another Mexican legend and three-division world champion Érik Morales, for the vacant WBC International and vacant IBA super featherweight titles. The fight took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas. In this fight, Pacquiao sustained a cut over his right eye from an accidental clash of heads in the fifth round. He lost the twelve-round match by a unanimous decision from the judges. All three scorecards read 115–113 for Morales.

Pacquiao vs. Morales II

Manny pacquiao fight;  Despite Morales’s loss to Raheem, Pacquiao got matched up against him in a rematch which took place on January 21, 2006, at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas. During the fight, Morales escaped being knocked down twice, once in the second round by holding onto the ropes and once in the sixth by falling on the referee. Pacquiao eventually stopped Morales in the tenth with a TKO, the first time Morales was stopped in his boxing career.

Pacquiao vs. Larios

Manny pacquiao fight;   On July 2, 2006, Pacquiao defended his WBC International title against Óscar Larios, a two-time super bantamweight champion who had moved up two weight divisions to fight Pacquiao. Pacquiao won the fight via unanimous decision, knocking down Larios two times in the twelve-round bout at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, Philippines. The three judges respectively scored the fight 117–110, 118–108, and 120–106.

Pacquiao vs. Morales III

Manny pacquiao fight;  Pacquiao and Morales fought a third time (with the series tied 1–1) on November 18, 2006. Witnessed by a near-record crowd of 18,276, the match saw Pacquiao defeat Morales via a third-round knockout at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas. After the Pacquiao–Morales rubber match, Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s main promoter, announced that Manny had returned his signing bonus back to Golden Boy Promotions, signaling intentions to stay with Top Rank. This prompted Golden Boy Promotions to sue Pacquiao over breach of contract.

Pacquiao vs. Solís

Manny pacquiao fight; After a failed promotional negotiation with Marco Antonio Barrera’s camp, Bob Arum chose Jorge Solís as Pacquiao’s next opponent among several fighters Arum offered as replacements. The bout was held in San Antonio, Texas, on April 14, 2007. In the sixth round, an accidental headbutt occurred, giving Pacquiao a cut under his left eyebrow. The fight ended in the eighth when Pacquiao knocked Solís down twice. Solís barely beat the count after the second knockdown, causing the referee to stop the fight and award Pacquiao a knockout win. The victory raised Pacquiao’s win–loss–draw record to 44–3–2 with 34 knockouts. This also marked the end of Solís’s undefeated streak.

Pacquiao vs. Barrera II

Manny pacquiao fight;  On June 29, 2007, Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions announced that they agreed to settle their lawsuit, meaning the long-awaited rematch with Marco Antonio Barrera would occur despite Pacquiao being the top-ranked contender for Juan Manuel Márquez’s WBC super featherweight title. On October 6, 2007, Pacquiao defeated Barrera in their rematch via an easy unanimous decision. In the eleventh round, Pacquiao’s punch caused a deep cut below Barrera’s right eye. Barrera retaliated with an illegal punch on the break that dazed Pacquiao, but also resulted in a point deduction for Barrera. Two judges scored the bout 118–109, whereas the third scored it 115–112.

Pacquiao vs. Márquez II

Manny pacquiao fight;  Pacquiao with his trainer Freddie Roach at Pacquiao’s Christmas and birthday bash in Los Angeles On March 15, 2008, in a rematch against Juan Manuel Márquez, called “Unfinished Business,” Pacquiao won via split decision. The fight was held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. With the victory, Pacquiao won the WBC, The Ring and lineal super featherweight titles, making him the first Filipino and Asian to become a four-division world champion, a fighter who won world titles in four different weight divisions. The fight was a close, hard-fought battle, during which both fighters received cuts.Throughout the fight, Márquez landed the most punches at a higher percentage; however, the decisive factor proved to be a third-round knockdown, wherein Márquez was floored by a Pacquiao left hook.At the end of the fight, the judges’ scores were 115–112 for Pacquiao, 115–112 for Márquez, and 114–113 for Pacquiao.

Pacquiao vs. Díaz

Manny pacquiao fight;   On June 28, 2008, at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Pacquiao moved to the lightweight division and claimed the WBC lightweight title, defeating David Díaz via knockout in round nine. With the victory, Pacquiao became the first and only Filipino and Asian to become a five-division world champion, a fighter who won world titles in five different weight divisions.He also became the first Filipino fighter to ever win a world title at lightweight. During the fight, which Pacquiao dominated, Díaz was cut badly on his right eye in the fourth round.After the bout, Díaz acknowledged Pacquiao’s superior hand speed, stating “It was his speed. It was all his speed. I could see the punches perfectly, but he was just too fast.”

Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya

Manny pacquiao fight;  On December 6, 2008, Pacquiao moved up to the welterweight division in order to face the six-division world champion Oscar De La Hoya at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in a fight called “The Dream Match”. Presented by Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank, the bout was scheduled as a twelve-round, non-title fight contested at the 147-pound welterweight limit. Although Pacquiao went into the fight widely recognized as the leading pound-for-pound boxer in the world, some boxing pundits had speculated that 147 pounds could be too far above his natural weight against the larger De La Hoya.However, due to rehydration after the weigh in, De La Hoya came into the fight actually weighing less than Pacquiao and close to 20 pounds under his usual fighting weight. Pacquiao dominated the fight and, after eight rounds, De La Hoya’s corner was forced to throw in the towel, awarding Pacquiao the win via technical knockout.

Pacquiao vs. Hatton

Manny pacquiao fight;  On May 2, 2009, Pacquiao fought at light welterweight (or super lightweight) for the first time against Ricky Hatton at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in a fight billed as “The Battle of the East and West.” Pacquiao won the bout via knockout to claim Hatton’s IBO, The Ring and lineal light welterweight titles.In doing so, Pacquiao became the second man in boxing history to become a six-division world champion, a fighter who won world titles in six different weight divisions and the first man ever to win lineal world titles in four different weight classes.

Pacquiao vs. Cotto

Manny pacquiao fight;  On November 14, 2009, Pacquiao defeated Miguel Cotto via technical knockout in the twelfth round at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in a fight billed as “Firepower.” Although the bout was sanctioned as a world title fight in the welterweight division, where the weight limit is 147 pounds, Cotto agreed to fight at a catchweight of 145 pounds.The fight generated 1.25 million buys and $70 million in domestic pay-per-view revenue, making it the most watched boxing event of 2009.Pacquiao earned around $22 million for his part in the fight, whilst Cotto earned around $12 million.Pacquiao–Cotto also generated a live gate of $8,847,550 from an official crowd of 15,930.

Pacquiao vs. Clotter

Manny pacquiao fight;  On March 13, 2010, at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, Pacquiao defeated Clottey via unanimous decision to retain his WBO welterweight title. The judges scored the fight 120–108, 119–109, and 119–109, all in favor of Pacquiao. During the fight, Pacquiao threw a total of 1231 punches (a career high), but landed just 246, as most were blocked by Clottey’s tight defense. On the other hand, Clottey threw a total of 399 punches, landing 108.[100]The fight was rewarded with a paid crowd of 36,371 and a gate of $6,359,985, according to post-fight tax reports filed with Texas boxing regulators. Counting complimentary tickets delivered to sponsors, media outlets and others, the Dallas fight attracted 41,843, well short of the 50,994 that was previously announced,[102] but still an epic number for boxing. In addition, the bout drew 700,000 pay-per-view buys and earned $35.3 million in domestic revenue.

Pacquiao vs. Margarito

Manny pacquiao fight;  On July 23, 2010, Bob Arum announced that Pacquiao would fight Antonio Margarito on November 13, 2010. The fight for the vacant WBC light middleweight title gave Pacquiao the chance to win a world title in his eighth weight class, the light middleweight (or super welterweight) division. A catchweight of 150 pounds was established for the fight, although the weight limit for the light middleweight division is 154 pounds. During the pre-fight, Pacquiao weighed in at a low 144.6 pounds, while Margarito weighed in at the limit of 150 pounds. Pacquiao said he was pleased with his weight because he loses too much speed when he gains pounds. During the fight itself, Pacquiao weighed 148 lbs, 17 pounds lighter than Margarito’s 165.

Pacquiao vs. Mosley

Manny pacquiao
Manny pacquiao

Manny pacquiao fight; On May 7, 2011, Pacquiao successfully defended his WBO welterweight title against three-division world champion Shane Mosley via lopsided unanimous decision at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Rapper LL Cool J performed as Mosley first entered the arena, while vocalist Jimi Jamison of the rock band Survivor sang “Eye of the Tiger” as Pacquiao approached the ring. Pacquiao knocked Mosley down in the third round using a one-two capped with a left straight. Mosley was left dazed by the knockdown but managed to stand up.Mosley floored Pacquiao in the tenth round with a push, but referee Kenny Bayless inexplicably ruled it a knockdown. None of the judges seemed to have bought it judging from the scores. Replays showed that Pacquiao was throwing a punch off balance, had his right foot stepped on by Mosley’s left foot and went down with a little help from Mosley’s right hand. Bayless apologized to Pacquiao after the fight for the mistake. Pacquiao gained one-sided verdicts from all three judges 119–108, 120–108, and 120–107. Pacquiao reported that the only thing preventing him from knocking out Mosley was a cramp in his legs. Freddie Roach said that Pacquiao had problems with cramping before but usually in training sessions and not in the middle of bouts.After the fight, there was much controversy over Mosley reportedly telling Floyd Mayweather Jr. that he should have made Pacquiao “take the test.”

Pacquiao vs. Márquez III

Manny pacquiao fight ; promoter Bob Arum stated that a third meeting with Márquez could happen in November 2011, providing Pacquiao defeated his next opponent Shane Mosley on May 7. On May 10, Márquez accepted an offer from Top Rank to fight Pacquiao for his WBO welterweight title at a catchweight of 144 pounds. On May 18, Márquez signed the deal to fight Pacquiao for the third time on November 12 in Las Vegas.On November 12, Pacquiao defeated Márquez via majority decision 114–114, 115–113, and 116–112. Upon the results being announced, the crowd reaction was largely negative with thousands continuing too as Pacquiao spoke with Max Kellerman.

Pacquiao vs. Bradley

Manny pacquiao fight; On February 5, Bob Arum announced Timothy Bradley as Pacquiao’s next opponent on June 9 for his WBO welterweight title, after another failed negotiation attempt with Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Cinco de Mayo. During the final press conference, WBO President Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel awarded Pacquiao with WBO Diamond Ring in recognition of Pacquiao as the WBO Best Pound-for-Pound Fighter of the Decade.Pacquiao lost the bout in a controversial split decision

Pacquiao vs. Márquez IV

Manny pacquiao fight ;  Fought Juan Manuel Márquez on December 8, 2012. The fight was for the WBO’s “Champion of the Decade” belt. Márquez knocked down Pacquiao in the third round with a looping right hook. In round five, Pacquiao returned the favor, knocking down Márquez. Pacquiao went on the offensive in the sixth round. While behind the scorecards and with just one second left in the sixth round, Márquez countered Pacquiao’s jab with an overhand right, sending Pacquiao face first to the canvas, resulting in a knockout. Pacquiao, who had not been knocked out in over 13 years since his loss to Medgoen Singsurat in 1999, remained unconscious for several minutes.This was named The Ring magazine’s “Fight of the Year” and “Knockout of the Year” and “International Fight of the Year” by the British website BoxRec. Márquez was also named “International Fighter of the Year” by the same publication.

Pacquiao vs. Ríos

Manny pacquiao fight; After 11 months away from boxing, Pacquiao returned to the ring on November 24, 2013, at The Venetian Macao Hotel & Resort’s Cotai Arena in Macau of the Special administrative regions in China against The Ring ranked #6 light welterweight: Brandon Ríos, for the vacant WBO International welterweight title. This was Pacquiao’s first fight to be held in China. Pacquiao won the match by unanimous decision.

Pacquiao vs. Bradley II

Manny pacquiao fight;  Following his victory over Rios, Pacquiao sought out and ultimately got a rematch with the WBO welterweight champion of the world: Timothy Bradley who, following his controversial win over Pacquiao in their first fight in 2012, had defended the title with a victory over Ruslan Provodnikov, followed by a close, but clear split decision verdict over Juan Manuel Márquez. The fight was eventually set for the date of April 12, 2014, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. In a tough fight, Pacquiao came on the stronger of the two fighters throughout the later rounds of the fight to end up gaining a unanimous decision victory from the judges 118–110, 116–112, and 116–112.

Pacquiao vs. Algieri

Manny pacquiao fight; faced undefeated WBO light welterweight champion Chris Algieri in Macau on November 23, 2014, for Pacquiao’s welterweight title. Pacquiao dominated the bout and scored six official knockdowns en route to a lopsided victory via unanimous decision 119–103, 119–103, and 120–102.

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather

Manny pacquiao fight ; During the official weighin for his fight against Mayweather Pacquiao fought Floyd Mayweather Jr. in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 2, 2015. After years of tumultuous negotiations, the two finally met in the ring, Pacquiao with the intent to be the aggressor and Mayweather with the strategy of diffuse and counter. The fight went the distance and to the official judges’ scorecards which read 118–110, 116–112, and 116–112 in favor of Mayweather.

Pacquiao vs. Bradley III

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum said Pacquiao’s next opponents were to be either Terence Crawford, Lucas Matthysse or Kell Brook. There was also speculation that Amir Khan would be another possible foe.Boxing fans were surprised when Pacquiao and his camp chose to challenge Timothy Bradley in a rubber match on April 9, 2016, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas for the WBO International welterweight title.According to Pacquiao, this was to be his last fight as a professional.

Pacquiao vs. Vargas

Manny pacquiao fight; On August 3, Pacquiao’s business manager confirmed that WBO welterweight champion Jessie Vargas (27–1) will be the next opponent for Pacquiao on November 5, at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pacquiao made the confirmation after a two-hour meeting with Top Rank’s Bob Arum and Canadian adviser Michael Koncz held in Manila on August 7, that he agreed to fight Vargas. “Yes, the fight is on. I have agreed to a Nov. 5 fight with reigning WBO welterweight champion Jessie Vargas. Boxing is my passion. I miss what I’d been doing inside the gym and atop the ring. My entire training camp will be held here in the Philippines so I can attend to my legislative works. This is my campaign promise and I’m determined to keep it,” Pacquiao said in a statement. He also explained that he has to fight again to earn a living: “Boxing is my main source of income. I can’t rely on my salary as public official. I’m helping the family of my wife and my own family, as well. Many people also come to me to ask for help and I just couldn’t ignore them.

Pacquiao vs. Horn

Manny pacquiao fight; On February 26, 2017, both Pacquiao and Amir Khan announced on Twitter that they would face each other on April 23 in a “super fight”. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) specifically Abu Dhabi, were front runners to host the fight worth potentially £30 million, with the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) also being possibilities. Pacquiao was initially in negotiations to fight Jeff Horn in Australia, but held a poll asking the fans who he should fight next. Khan won the poll, thus setting up the fight.The Sevens Stadium in Dubai, Zayed Sports City Stadium and Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi were being considered as the venue. Speaking to Bob Arum on March 1, Pacquiao’s adviser Michael Koncz confirmed the fight would take place on May 19 in the United States which means it would be a Friday night PPV and May 20 in the Middle-East.In the early morning of March 2, Bob Arum stated that the date of the fight was not close to being set with Khan’s representatives. Later that day, Khan’s camp confirmed they had agreed the revised fight date.Bob Arum told ESPN on March 8 that there was never a deal in place for the fight to take place, “It’s kaddish for the UAE deal. It’s dead.” Arum also mentioned that if there was any chance the fight can take place, it would be in the second half of 2017 and that Khan would not be Pacquiao’s next opponent.

Pacquiao vs. Matthysse

Manny pacquiao fight;  On January 16, 2018, it was first reported that Pacquiao would return to the ring on the undercard of Terence Crawford vs. Jeff Horn for the WBO welterweight championship on April 21. Arum wanted the card to take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and have the card take place on ESPN PPV.Early rumours indicated he would fight 37 year old former WBO light welterweight champion Mike Alvarado (38–4). On February 2, after winning the vacant WBA (Regular) welterweight title against Tewa Kiram, Lucas Matthysse (39–4–0–1) stated he was interested in fighting Pacquiao next. Freddie Roach as well as Golden Boy Promotions Eric Gomez liked the idea of the fight happening.Arum was also open to fight taking place, but stated it wouldn’t happen next as he was likely to match Pacquiao with Alvarado.On March 1, Pacquiao withdrew from the Crawford-Horn card. According to Aquiles Zonio, Pacquiao’s media relations officer, Pacquiao felt it was an insult to have him in a non-main event roll and felt he was the obvious ticket seller for the card, also believing he beat Horn in their fight in 2017.In an interview, Pacquiao told ABS-CBN television he would fight in Malaysia, where he has a group willing to put up the necessary funds, in May or June 2018.[244] It was said that Pacquiao’s MP Promotions would promote the event with a confirmed date of June 24. Arum played down the talks and said the fight had not been finalized.

Pacquiao vs. Broner

Manny pacquiao
Manny pacquiao

Manny pacquiao fight; After Pacquiao signed with Al Haymon in October 2018, reports circulated that Adrien Broner was the front-runner to face him in January 2019. On October 18, 2018, Pacquiao confirmed that the deal was almost complete.On November 19, 2018, a press conference was held in New York City to confirm the fight between Pacquiao and Broner on January 19, 2019, for the WBA (Regular) welterweight title. Pacquiao reunited with long-time trainer Freddie Roach, who supervised the whole training camp, while Buboy Fernandez did the mitts and physical parts of the training due to Pacquiao’s concern of Roach’s health.The fight took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and was distributed by Showtime PPV.Pacquiao was guaranteed at least $20 million from the fight, with $10 million being his base purse and the remainder made up from PPV revenue, Filipino TV rights, sponsorship and merchandise. Broner was paid a $2.5 million fight purse.

Pacquiao vs. Thurman

Pacquiao defeated Keith Thurman via split decision for Thurman’s WBA (Super) welterweight title on July 20, 2019, in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Late in the first round, Pacquiao caught Thurman with a right hand and knocked him down, as Thurman was moving backwards after a Pacquiao combination of body and head punches. Rounds one through five were vintage for Pacquiao as he bloodied Thurman’s nose and forced him into a very intense fight. Thurman looked to have regained his composure in the middle rounds, adjusted to Pacquiao’s offense in the second half of the fight and was able to catch him with some hard shots. Pacquiao though, would catch Thurman again in the tenth round, this time with a vicious left hook to the body that had Thurman moving around the ring, trying to survive the round. Thurman was visibly hurt and later admitted, “The body shot was a terrific body shot. I even took my mouthpiece out of my mouth just so I could breath a little deeper”. Two judges ruled in favor of Pacquiao with a score of 115–112 and one in favor of Thurman with a score of 114–113. Many people, including Pacquiao himself, felt that the first-round knockdown and the tenth-round body shot rightfully secured Manny pacquiao fight a win.

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