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Rambo movies

All   5   Rambo movies . Best action movies of all time.

5] “Rambo: Last Blood” (2019)

"Rambo: Last Blood" (2019)
“Rambo: Last Blood” (2019)

Rambo spent 10 years living a good life along the Mexican-American border, but when human traffickers kidnap his niece, it’s up to the one-man army to slaughter everyone all over again. “Last Blood” has some astounding acts of violence. But the storyline is specifically tailored to make a white American hero who lives on a ranch and rides a horse look entirely justified in murdering practically every person of color he can find. Director Adrian Grunberg’s film exploits xenophobia and fear-mongering to produce “crowd-pleasing” acts of violence. “Last Blood” is as grotesque as it is irresponsible.

Last Blood Stallone’s attempt to capitalize on Liam Neeson’s particular-set-of-skills aesthetic by pitting his septuagenarian warrior against a group of nasty Mexican criminals who run an underground sex ring. (Their mistake: ensnaring Rambo’s niece, played by Yvette Monreal, in their illicit enterprise.) A fever dream of Trump’s worst vision of our neighbors south of the border, Last Blood is racist when it isn’t pure schlock, as Rambo dispenses with bad guys while occasionally lamenting the darkness of men’s hearts.

4] “Rambo: First Blood Part IIII” (1985)

"Rambo IIII
“Rambo IIII

George P. Cosmatos’ harrowing antiwar thriller sends Rambo back into Vietnam. His mission is to find and rescue POWs, but the movie’s mission is to give audiences a “happier” ending to the war, one in which macho movie star Sylvester Stallone murders America’s enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Rambo heads to Afghanistan to save his mentor, Col. Trautman (Richard Crenna), from the Soviets, who want to rule Afghanistan in a strategy that would cause them and the world no future problems.

3] “Rambo III” (1988)

"Rambo III" (1988)
“Rambo III” (1988)

Rambo is pulled back into action, again, this time rescuing his old commanding officer Col. Trautman (Richard Crenna), who’s being held hostage by the Russians. He teams up with the Afghan Mujahadeen and kicks all kinds of Soviet butt. It’s another rah-rah American exceptionalism story, made somewhat awkward by the fallout of the Afghan-Russian War — and America’s real-life involvement, personified here by Rambo himself. But as blockbuster entertainment it’s slick and muscular, with over-the-top highlights that typify the “badass” brand of action cinema from the 1980s which made it one of the best Rambo movies. The movie makes head feints at being more concerned with POWs left behind in Vietnam, but it mostly exists to see Stallone shooting machine guns in slow motion as his pectorals vibrate. This contributed to one of the best Rambo movies ..

2] “Rambo” (2008)

"second blood
second blood

This is the second of Rambo movies . Rambo has been trying to live off the grid. When Christian missionaries ask him to lead them into war-torn Burma, he refuses, but when they’re kidnapped and tortured, he’s enlisted by soldiers to help mount a rescue mission. Directed by Stallone himself, the confusingly titled “Rambo” is the best of the sequels. The excessive violence has a visceral impact, but it doesn’t feel like it’s been smoothed over. It’s exhilarating, not “fun,” and that severity elevates the simple but morally complicated plot into something nearly as potent.

1] “First Blood” (1982)

"First Blood" (1982)
“First Blood” (1982)

Stallone’s surprisingly vulnerable performance honors the soldiers who came home to a country that wasn’t ready to embrace them.  Ted Kotcheff’s “First Blood” is one of the smartest action movies of the 1980s, a bitter, politically charged character piece that gradually transforms into a survivalist thriller. Stallone plays John Rambo, a Vietnam veteran who’s drifting from town to town. He runs afoul of a corrupt local sheriff played by Brian Dennehy, who arrests Rambo and tortures him until his PTSD is triggered. Rambo flees to the woods, but Dennehy and his men pursue, and it turns into a giant, deadly manhunt. The set pieces are a thrill, but at its heart this is the story of a soldier’s unexamined trauma, and Stallone gives one of his finest performances throughout Rambo’s complicated emotional breakdown. “First Blood” is thoughtful, pointed, harrowing entertainment. And an exciting, action-packed, hair-raising drama. This was the first of Rambo movies.

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